How To Accomplish Your Goals When You're Running Out of Time

It is June 16th and I still have yet to accomplish most of my quarterly goals. If you've found yourself in this position before, I'll teach you how I plan on getting out of this mess.


The Niche I Chose For This Blog

I've been writing without a theme in mind and I've been wondering aimlessly with this blog. I finally chose a niche and I'm mostly going to be writing about that.


What To Do When You're On The Path of Failure

In March I set a simple goal for myself to write 13 500 word blog posts for this site during this quarter. So far I've written two including this one. What am I going to do to turn this around?


How To Make The Best Use of This Quarantine

In this post I talk about my struggle with this quarantine and the daily routine I'm using to keep productive that you can steal.